Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thrifty Craft: make banner from old doilies

I have a few vintage doilies, some my grandparents made, some I bought, and some I have no idea when and where or how they came into my house...

and then my mother ships me a box full of fall themed linens and tableclothes, and there were a lot of doilies.

I'm not really much of a doily person anymore, and don't use them around my house.

Then I got inspired by this:

I found the first three photos from blogs on the internet, I don't remember the links...

So of course I made my own. I love that I can move it around the house and hang it anywhere, and use it for any season.

Its currently in the hallway leading to the MPR full of fall time goodness and a few Halloween decorations:

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natalie christensen said...

It turned out darling! I have been in the mood to make a banner. I just need to get some doilies.