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Warts Begone!

Hi all!

This is a post on getting rid of warts.

If you have NO intention of being CONSISTENT, then log off right now, this post on getting rid of warts will not help you if you are not consistent.

If you and/or your child has the tendency to be whiny and cannot handle some tough love over the SMELL of vinegar. Again, log off, and look elsewhere.

Okay now that we got that out of the way, are you ready to get rid of your WARTS?

First off, I am a person that uses natural home remedies and essential oils (EO) for many skin conditions and illnesses, and they have all worked for me. The EO process was not working for my child who had warts spreading aggressively all over, and once I treated a wart, two or three more popped up nearby the old wart site. Once it started getting on my child's face to the point where it looked like staph around his mouth, I started researching the internet for hours to find something that would work FAST.


First of all these are your tools:

cotton balls
masking or duct tape
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's)

Apple Cider Vinegar:

I cannot stress enough that you get the right kind of vinegar. It needs to have the "mother" in it, which is a word used around the internet describing the brown floating sludge things in the apple cider vinegar. These brown floaty things are LIVE ENZYMES from natural apples. They are what help with fighting the warts.

The white vinegar and regular apple cider vinegar like Hienz is processed and "dead." They are okay for cleaning the house, or in your laundry, but not okay for cooking with food and using as home health care.

The most common OACV (Organic Apple Cider Vinegar) is Bragg's. They are usually found in supermarkets in the organic section aisles. They are also available at natural food stores or online. Some natural food stores have different brands besides Braggs, and those work too, if they have the "mother" in them, you can see the brown sludge on the bottom. READ the labels to be sure you are getting the right stuff.

Masking or Duct Tape:

Either is fine. Use common sense on sensitivity of skin. Masking tape pulls off easier, especially in areas with hair on the skin.

What to do:

1. Get cottonball
2. Put some OACV on it. I just put it on the mouth of the bottle and tip it over once, and put the bottle down.
3. Apply to wart
4. Cover with tape. A BIG piece of tape is best. In fact, cover it all up so no air gets to it.
5. Go to bed.
6. Repeat 3 to 7 more days.

Got that so far? This is a NIGHT TIME adventure. Its pretty smelly, so you will want to do this at night where the OACV can sit on the skin for 8 hours while sleeping.

Do this for 3 to 7 days WITHOUT FAIL. Do not skip a day. Sometimes it will sting because the wart area is now a little raw. This is GOOD. Some warts only need 3 to 4 days of this, some need more. Another option is to cut down the cottonball to a smaller size for smaller warts. The good skin around the wart can be covered with Vaseline if you are one of those super sensitive skin types when using the OACV method.

The first day the skin turns whitish, then it turns red and starts scabbing up, swelling, and bleeding. Then it looks gross and even bigger. Don't freak out! This is NORMAL. The WART is DYING!! It will continue to flake off as dead skin over a week or so and heal with new skin. Use common sense on yourself and your children on how sensitive the skin is. Maybe you will only need 2 days, and not the only 7 days to kill a wart.

Meanwhile as the skin is trying to scab over and heal where is wart is, continue to swipe OACV with cottonball on the treated wart one time before bedtime for about another week and throw the cottonball away. (I usually flush it down the toilet so I don't have smells building up in the trash can) In the morning wash off the treated area so you won't smell like stinky feet or socks for the rest of the day as my son learned the hard way at school with his peers pinching their noses.

Be patient! Keep wiping at it at night as described above as it is healing. During the day, put a small dab of organic cold pressed coconut oil on it to help your new skin to grow. Keep it exposed to air  (except during sports or high contact activities, and cover with a bandaid) Eventually the treated wart scabs will fade away. If its a deep old wart, especially in clusters, then expect a small light scar or very light crater which will fade away over the months. If its a newer wart, it fades away as if there was never a wart there.

By now the wart on top the skin is dead, you should have healed or healing skin by now.

Okay, now that you have been treating the wart on the outside, let's talk about the inside:

Warts are like stubborn soldiers in a tank. They will hang on if they can because of the wart roots inside the body covered with layers of hard skin. After a wart has been treated and the dead hard wart skin is off, and the skin is on its way to healing, a good way to make sure the wart roots are penetrated and completely killed off is to apply one drop of lavender essential oil neat which will sink into the skin and kill off the virus inside the skin a few times a day for about a week. You can do this along with the coconut oil. (NOT lavender fragrance or perfume, the real lavender essential oil). You can also use oregano or tea tree essential oils, diluted 1 drop EO to 1 drop olive or coconut oil. Lavender EO is more gentle for the kids. I personally can handle the oregano EO, its a "hot oil".

Another "inside the body" trick is to take magnesium and Vitamin A. Our modern diets are processed. Most of us don't really get the high quality vitamins and minerals. We kill them off often with our high heat cooking and so forth, or eating processed food. I have been researching and using magnesium oil with great results, there are tons of sites that boast on the health benefits of magnesium oil applied to the skin, and they have worked for me for what I used them for. The best kinds are the ones that are applied to the skin, as it sinks into the skin and enters the bloodstream directly, and not having to go through the stomach acid by pill forms. After about 30 minutes, the salt part on the skin can be washed away. (Note: it stings when used on raw skin because salt stings raw skins or wounds, it can sting the warts in various stages of healing, use common sense on using for young children)

Here is what I use:

You can also take high quality magnesium pills and vitamin A in pill form, and take them daily for weeks. That is WEEKS. Not two or seven days, then quit. The magnesium oil is not necessary, the pills can be used. However, sometimes you will have a stubborn wart. For little kids I recommend finding the proper vitamins for their age and body weight, and making sure the magnesium and vitamin A is close to 100% in daily value. My two tweens did fine with the adult dose of magnesium and vitamin A by oral methods. The moment I started them on their vitamins and minerals faithfully, the warts disappeared even faster. I have been able to compare with warts being treated with OACV only and warts being treated with OACV along with magnesium and vitamin A, and the second method was way faster.

My son Mr M had various kinds of warts all over, in various stages of spreading/sizes/types. He had a lot of cluster warts with thick skin, and flat spreading red warts. So I had to use the magnesium oil spray on some of the warts along with the OACV method. Some warts were small and newer and disappeared fast thru the OACV method alone.

My daughter had a tree wart on her foot between her toes, and I had to be more agressive with that one. After the OACV treatment in one night alone, the wart skin was dead the next day in a gross brown color that was wet, and it was able to be dug out with tweezers easily that didn't hurt. It left raw skin though, which is what I expected from a big deep tree wart being removed. The raw skin was treated during the healing process with organic cold pressed coconut oil and lavender EO, and sometimes clove EO to be sure any fungal material was completely dead and help grow new skin. The dead skin had to be cleared away for a few days several times, so at first it looked like an infection when in fact in was greenish dying skin in several layers from the deep wart. After three weeks it is completely healed with new skin.

Another tip is to work in sections if there are a lot of warts. I treated my son's face first. Then I did his hands. Then his knees and elbows. He has a couple more left on his feet to treat, then we will be all done. There were so many warts on one of my son's hands that I put a surgical glove with some OACV in it over my son's hand and taped it closed one night. Every now and then I have my kids put a 1/4 of a  cup of OACV in their bath water to be sure to keep treating all the skin areas so we can be sure those skin viruses are killed off. The side benefit is that their skin is getting softer.

Okay, now are you ready to try this method for yourself? Check it out and give it a try. Then leave a comment if it worked for you, or not, and why.

(PS: I found sites where it works on moles too, with pictures to prove it)

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