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Heather: February 2013 Decorating!

Yeah! My favorite colors get to come into my decorating theme this month: red and pink. The Valentine/Love Month theme is simpler this year compared to last year.

First I need to talk about the milkglass LAMP SHADE! The one I was looking for the last 2 years for that goes to an old 1940's working lamp. The lamp is on the right hand side, which is sitting on a vintage silver tray, and that is sitting on a basket weave thingy. (I like to decorate in layers using texture and different heights etc) This picture shows the vignette decorating I did for this month on my IKEA bookcase in my living room/studio downstairs. I have an old window in the center, an old cheese cloche with wadded up vintage McCall pattern pieces inside that is sitting on an old red enamelware plate, the words L-O-V-E in front of it (a gift from a friend), two milkglass vases with two moss balls in them (from my spring deco stash) The frame on the left got a new craft project inserted. More on that later in this same post with a picture:

Here is the lamp in closer detail. I took it apart months ago and spray painted the faded brass parts aqua, and put it back together again. The white glass is hobnail milkglass, which is my favorite milkglass pattern to collect. Here is the shade that took MONTHS to find!! I love it! 

A closer look at the LOVE letters:

 Now here is where I do the "SHOP MY HOUSE" theme. I move things around my house a lot and give each area a whole new look using my favorite things:

I took the vintage blue Bell jars that I collect from the vintage hoosier hutch I have in my kitchen, and moved it to the top of the piano. It looked kind of boring just sitting there. So I added two pieces of wood of two different unfinished projects that were spray painted pink (bubble gum and ballerina) Then I took off the old zinc Bell jar lids and put them on each side of the jar display. (I FORGOT to do this part and take a picture of it, but the jars are going to get sprigs of rosemary from my garden outside, and keep them there till March, minus the pink wood base though) Now do you notice two more "lamps"? Those are the other two milkglass shades I found along with the one that went with my lamp. After months of looking, there is no way I was going to leave them there at Goodwill, in case I want to rescue another 1940s milkglass lamp, OR I could convert into some other design with more milkglass pieces and E-6000 glue. Okay, moving on with the two "lamps": I took two candlesticks that I had for about 3 years (spray painted makeovers from Goodwill) and taped the two milkglass shades over the candlesticks. Since I like to decorate in layers: I added two milkglass plates on them. I am thinking of sprinkling some conversation hearts candies there..eventually. Now the finale: the "HUG ME" wood blocks. A good friend of mine went though her craft stash and gave them to me, and they included a lot of cute letter wood blocks. Some of the stash went to the preschool class I teach in my home, and some went into current and future decorating projects. (I already took out JOY wood blocks for December, and LUCKY for March decorating)

Here is a vignette (one of many) at my vintage hoosier hutch in the kitchen: I have several vintage cheese cloches around my house. I move them around alot and put different things in them every month. I used only what I had I had. No shopping for supplies. The cast iron heart muffin thing I found a few years ago, I bring it out to the forefront in February (other months I use it as a stand to hold up a picture frame) I set out two heart trays I had for a few years: "true love" stamped silver tray, and an old wood heart I sprayed painted:

Several of my milkglass collection pieces got conversation heart candies in them. These candies have been in this house for aobut 4 years. My kids know by now NOT to eat any candies that I use to decorate the house with, because I re-use them every year:

One of my favorite pieces, a vintage gumball machine, gets decorated every month using what I have on hand for the theme of the month. The bigger heart used to be a garden stake, and it broke off at the base. Its perfect sitting inside my gumball machine. The other heart is a leftover from an old project as I had one heart too many:

This wire worded frame is a project I made last year. Its perfect sitting on the cupid apothecary in the foyer with a few simple touches. I still need to add some conversation heart candies in a few of the jars:

This is a board in the foyer above a bedroom (used to be an office) Every month some kind of banner I make will go there. This banner was made two years ago with wooded hearts I found at a thrift store. I modpodged some papers to them, and glued it to a burlap ribbon (that was saved from a gift that was wrapped with that. Like I said many times before, I don't shop for supplies, I use what I have on hand): 

This is a vintage doily I found years ago at a thrift store, and I have two of them. I love the sweet colors and details (cream, red, and pink) This is a work in progress for decorating this area. I am still thinking of what to do to decorate inside my empty wooden frame in the foyer. (a picture after this will show you what I mean, decorating within an empty frame) I will send an update later:

(here is what I mean, decorating inside my empty frame on the foyer wall):

Never can have enough printables. There are so many free ones to choose from on pininterest and the internet. My hallway by the foyer has 3 frames with pictures. Once in a while I will insert a fun printable inside the frames. This month for Love Month got these two cool ones I found. The LOVE one with the heart was originally gray and mustard yellow, which I didn't like, but I loved the design. I used my photoshop and used the HUE slider button to change the color until it turned red and saved it as a different picture.

An oldie but goodie...these hearts that are pinned to my canvas curtain in the kitchen/dining room window. I pin some cute stuff up on my canvas curtains in the kitchen most months, using the decorated theme for the month. These hearts were made years old from fabric recycled from a broken lamp shade. These hearts get placed in a different location every year. They add a fun whimsy in the kitchen:

Okay, I DID craft/create something this month for February. I cut a 4by6 piece of thin cardboard (I often use cereal boxes that get recycled) Cut a piece of 4by6 red burlap from my fabric stash. Glued on buttons from my button stash. And put it in this frame. (which is on the bookcase shelf in a vignette, see the first picture) This frame gets something new in it every month related to the theme decorating of the month. Sometimes it is a printable, sometimes a nice photo I took, sometimes something that I made. I like the simplicity of this project paired up with an ornate frame (a Goodwill find that I spray painted a few years ago):

I printed these circle labels last year, and forgot to use them. Now it is perfect displayed in my vintage frogs on my vintage Coco Cola wood crate that houses my acrylic paints by color in my living room/studio. The rest of the cute circles are tucked into different picture frames around the house in the edges between wood and glass:

Now, I have a lot more love month stuff  and "shop my house" themes I did put around the house in different rooms/locations. But I have a rule: if more time is spent blogging and uploading pictures about my crafts, than actually crafting...then what's the point??!!!

(I do have ONE more project to show my friends, I will upload that on Facebook real quickly as soon as I get a photo of it)

All right, I showed you my projects and decorating for this month. Now you gotta show me yours, or at least tell me about it!

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