Sunday, February 3, 2013

Farewell to January Decorating

I only put up two pictures for my January decorating. The theme was Winter Wonderland.

After Christmas is over, I usually keep all my silvers, whites, blues, and sparkly stuff out. And anything snowflake or snowman themed.

This is in my foyer. Its pretty simple. One of my favorite craft project I did for January is a makeover on  an old frame. Went I went to paint the frame, I was dismayed to discover it had no glass. I was going to put some cute printable in there. So I took the backboard which was made with MDF, and painted it white. Then I took some old chipboard letter stickers, and sprayed painted it aqua blue. Then I glued it on. I think it looks perfect sitting up on my apothecary (Frosty's apothecary: the jars holds buttons, fake snow etc) I tend to decorate in multi-layer styles. I plan to use the back of the MDF I painted, and do a Valentine or spring theme, so all I have to do is flip the backboard, and re-use the decorated frame for a different month:

This one is my absolute favorite! Back last Sept I put up this old frame on the wall, and I have been different fun stuff to decorate every month. For Winter Wonderland January theme, I put up my snowflake stuff from my Christmas decoration stash. The blue "snowflakes" are old wood potholders I almost discarded in the recycle bin or gave them away. I realized they would make great snowflakes, so I spray painted it aqua and put a bit of sparkles on them (Martha Stewart white and clear glitter). This picture does NOT do it justice. Yes, I realize the snowflakes within the frame is not completly centered, but I didn't want to make new nailholes, they were hung up on existing nails on the wall inside the frame:

The rest of the house got some cute and simple touches, and I loved it, and got compliments on it. I  take about a thousand pictures every year, so I opted to pick just a couple of projects on the blog for Jan 2013 decorating so I can spend more time creating and crafting and less time blogging about what I make every month.

What decorating did you do for January 2013?

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